Tuesday, 12 June 2018

matariki sisters

Once upon a time there were seven sisters who lived in a valley every year they made kites to harvest. The oldest sister made a green kite the second sister made a bright orange kite the third sister made a hot pink Kite the fourth sister made hers race red the fifth sister made hers out of dark blue the sixth sister made her kite ice white the last sister made hers rainbow they went to the top of the hill but the wind was not blowing So the seven sisters tied there kites the a tree they asleep on the top of the hill the wind blowed in the night Time the kites went up to sky and became matariki stars the seventh sister woke up she looked at the tree that they tied there kites on she started to cry because there kites were gone up into the sky the other sisters Woke and heard her crying they all looked up and saw there kites as stars in the sky.

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