Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Gigi and the Pirate

Once upon a time there was a lady her name was Gigi and there was a pirate his name was captain crook he had a ship called the pilot. Gigi was on a island captain crook saw Gigi on the island captain came in really fast and crashed the pilot on the beach and Gigi sacw the ship all in pieces on the beach. Suddenly a person came out of the bushes scared but just then Gigi said “hello are you ok we are good people” it was a man and his name was James all three of them Worked together to fix captain crooks ship Captain was so happy to see his ship all together then they all went on a wonderful ship ride along the ocean When they got to Auckland Gigi said thank you for the ship ride. James said thank you also it was really fun on the ship then they all realized that working together Makes a big difference than working alone and that day on they like them all. If you can’t do something on your own ask someone to help you. And you can make a difference together. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

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