Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Today the block went outside and lined up in their team lines I was excited for what we were doing Mr Moran told us to sit down behind the cone and don’t touch the ropes. After that Mr Moran said we have to run and skip at the same time when I had a go I may of fell two times but I. Ran and skipped at the same time after I got to the end we had to get another skipping rope and this time I had to do five jump’s. Once you did that you would pick up the rope you had first and boost as fast as you can. After I boosted I grabbed the rope and did the same thing the other person just did. When it was my team’s turn to do double dutch we had to run under the huge rope. After that. Mr Moran said ‘’we are having the finals soon’’ our team had to pick two people to race each other  we picked gabby and Roman to race. Gabby went first she sprinted as fast as a rocket she boosted as fast as she could she handed Roman the skipping rope Roman blasted off the line and started skipping Roman did five jumps and next boosted as fast as he could.

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