Wednesday, 21 June 2017

bunny writing

Start writing here:once apon a time in a tiny city people were walking around but. Then Two huge evil bunny’s to the their. Names are doctor evil and mr timer so doctor evil and mr timer. Destroyed the city they broke the cars and smashed the houses and buildings the people. Ran for their lives everyone ran as fast as they could  mr timer stepped. on a old mustang gt everyone into a forest and.the two huge bunny’s left the city and everyone. today we wrote a story independenly we used a picture

Friday, 16 June 2017

tamarereti work

About seven hundred years ago there was a man called. Tamarereti he lived next to a lake called lake. Taupo in the darkest night tamarereti would. Come out his house when he woke up he felt hungry he went to fish for himself but when he went down to the lake he saw the taniwha the most dangerous monster of the sea. the taniwha fights back to anything.that gets in his way. One night it was so dark in the tamarereti couldn't see he got some.Glistening pebbles and threw the pebbles


Friday, 26 May 2017

plane flying

After lunch in the afternoon on Monday we sat on the mat and we watched a video how to make a plane. Then we got a piece of paper then we made a paper plane then we. got to decorate our planes then we went outside in. The bay to fly our planes we had a competition. In our color groups we put thrust lift and force to our planes. The winner from each group got to go to the next round. I felt nervous to have a turn.  when last group went the winners from each group went after them. Five kids threw their planes in the air to glide them.  The kids that put a lot of thrust went to the excited final round. It was kelly” who won the competition and had her name on the room fourteen best plane flying trophy!         

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te-Reo trip

Today went to Te Oro to see project's from some many school's first we saw Ruapotaka's Room they. recycle stuff to make awesome stuff they recycled milk bottle's they made it into a plane it looked awesome. I loved it there. we went to the dance last. to see the year 8's.that's my favrit.