Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te-Reo trip

Today went to Te Oro to see project's from some many school's first we saw Ruapotaka's Room they. recycle stuff to make awesome stuff they recycled milk bottle's they made it into a plane it looked awesome. I loved it there. we went to the dance last. to see the year 8's.that's my favrit.

askance nouns

  1. the pacific ocean is the biggest ocean on earth.
The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth.
  1. keyana, julianna, kiarah, kharizma and angelica are in the neptune reading group.
Keyana, Julianna, Kiarah, Kharizma, and Angelica are in the Neptune reading group.
  1. did you know miss davis use to dance?
Did you know Miss Davis use to dance?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

bin it

this is my movie it's about picking up rubbish because it's impaoit to pick up rubbish.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy Book- lego star wars a new hope

yesterday we had a Duffy Book and opera singer's assemble i was so exsaytit because we are getting Duffy book.   

Monday, 3 April 2017

Fraction Maths

Fraction Maths. we used fraction shape's to make picture's. I used 8\8 2\1 4\2 and 8\6.

Friday, 24 March 2017

duffy show writing

In the show there was Duffy and Global Girl. the Duffy show was held in the hall. We had it on Tuesday last week. It was after morning tea. First duffy sat under a tree.  but it ceat moving. Then duffy sat down to read his books. Duffy saw a girl flying in the sky it was  Global girl. global girl  landed in front of Duffy. Duffy was suprada that someone from a nada plantit landed in
Earth. Duffy  didn’t know what to do. I like the duffy show because the characters were so good at acting.

picnic writing

Two week’s ago we had our school picnic. We walked to the hall and Mr Burt talked about the picnic and when we got to the beach. Mr Burt talked about the place’s we can’t go out of then Mr Burt told our teachers.To line us up to walk under the lollipop  tree we put our bags on. The tarpaulin  then we ran off. I stayed there and i laid  down it was morning tea 5 min’s later.
Then  Kiarah came. Then we played on the park together we had a race who called get to the top on the opposite. Side of the rock. Climbing wall neither of us could get up. So we went
Up the ladder each side. Then we went down. I went on the flying fox. Kiarah  went on the swing we had turn’s  going on each other thing’s. I had 3 turns on the swing and kiarah.
Had 3 turns on the flying fox. Miss davis came to the park. She recorded  me coming down. the slide then i went down the pole.