Friday, 11 August 2017


                                          this time i posted my winter writing this term

Thursday, 10 August 2017


                                                   these are the Ideas I used for my summer
                                                   actiavy for my class's writing.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Monday, 7 August 2017

Telling the time.

We are learning to tell the time this week.


Dear: Bradley,                            

My name Is Suade I go to Pt England school. My teacher’s name is Miss Davis and I’m seven year’s old. And my favourite thing to do at school is reading  and. I’m year 3 what is your favourite sport? I like my School because it’s so fun to around our school for our cross country do you have cross country?.                    

My Mum and Dad are awesome  but my sister is annoying and. I have 13 cousins one of my cousins. Is 21 and he keeps all my cash save. In my bank account. I like my reading because i have a cool reading activity and. I’m In venus. For my reading group.
Thank you. 

From Suade

Thursday, 27 July 2017

solar system

the sun is the largest star. is the solar system however. their are meany stars like it. in the wider universe. the earth is just the right distance from the sun. but our planet is not to hot or to cold. the light from the sun takes eight mins to reach earth, and gives life's to plants. Astronauts will never be abael  to land on the sun. as reach's five thousand five hundred degrees celsius. than humans can stand . The sheer size of the sun means that its gravitational pull forces all the planets in the solar system  to orbit around it. The worth five billion years ago, the sun is been producing het and light for a very long time.    

alien work

One day i wanted adventure what would the moon. looks like up close  i went in a high teak space ship i had engaged the. Boosters on the ship and i had a space suit on and i. blasted my way into. Space my engen broke down on my. Way to the moon and i saw shinney stars waill  my ship flotied to the sun but some aliens saved my ship and. Toke  my ship to the workshop on the moon. That they had waill the aliens where rapering my ship i like them because. They did something  i couldn't do. After the aliens raperd my space ship i went back to earth and went back home. I rested at home because i had a long day.