Friday, 16 February 2018

omaru creek writing

f we work together we can make a difference to omuro creek.To restore nature to its best and we can respect our environment  and the omuro.  Creek has pristine sparkling water that’s clean enough to swim in. And dive in the abundance of animals like ducks and fish.and the omaru creek has an awful stench
Of rubbish which is destroying our environment and other creeks and ponds. The discarded rubbish

In the omaru creek is making it polluted and it looks like a filthy soup.     

Monday, 4 December 2017

music video


in the Holidays i want to go to England because England has Cricket,rugby union,rugby league,netball,soccer,field Hockey. And has the barbary lions and the rose's are very red
and the oask tree and the Queen is there that can have a cup of tea.for lunch and dinner

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dear Pen Pal

Dear Bradley

Hi Bradley it’s me again. I am so excited for the Pt england Film Festival a film festival is when our school is going to the hoyts cinema and. Watch the school’s movies.And our school Athletics also well we have being doing. Musical Madness that is our school’s new theme for this year. It’s been fun doing music and making
musical instruments. When I was talking about our school Athletes our team three is practicing for it for two weeks.

From Suade  

Friday, 27 October 2017

music recount

On thursday Room 14 did a Musical Madness song challenge their were five groups of four three or two. In one i had Troy Chaun Jermaine

In my group. Troy did the beat Chaun and Jermaine did bottle flips.

I sung the song Musical Madness. The first group was Gabby’s group. They were good and then we were next Jermaine and Chaun bottle flipped at the same time then Troy did the beat after they flipped then i

sung Musical Madness and then le’ sha group went and they were good
They were in the top three and Kiarah’s group went and they were in. the Top three as well then the boys went they were laughing in their
performance. And then they came down because Miss Davis said

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical Madness saves the day

Today my class were walking to the hall. Silently in a line. When I sat down I could see the drums the guitar and the trumpet were on the stage waiting to played.

Then Mr Burt Mrs Nur and Mr Somerville Mr Wiseman Mr J were playing a song called musical madness. Mr J wearing a singclcit with musacls and a red and black scarf printed on. He was wearing a wig to make him look like he was sochett’s and Mr J is actually sochett’s and

I didn’t know that Mr J was sochett’s. And then we had the normal Assembly and then Mr burt said that it team ones item. Out of the teachers they had a game of snap.

I didn’t know that Mr J was sochett’s. And then we had the normal Assembly and then Mr burt said that it team ones item.

Then he said it’s time for team two! Team two sung in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleep’s to night.
Then they did a rock in roll version of it then the.

Teachers left the stage and then they finished the presentasi then it was our one. Our teacher’s did a funny one Miss davis was funny because she was so funny.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Duffy Book

Today we got Duffy book's my are star lord know to run and it's a Marvel and also I got anther DC comics called DC comics Batman Gotham City's Guardian. In my book's have some really cool stuff about the old Batman and the old. Batmbshell the old Batmobshell look's cool but the. New one
is way cooler than the old one. but the old one is cool and guardian of the galaxy. Is cool also I love Batman and Guardian's of the galaxy. Chapter book's there amazing to read as a eight year old kid. Thank you for my amazing Duffy book's.