Thursday, 6 December 2018

Dear Future Teacher

Year 4/5 Classroom Teacher
Pt England School
New Zealand

Dear Future Teacher,
My name is Suade and I am nine years old when I am learning I like to be in a room that has a little bit of noise in the room. I have one older sister and her name is Rave and you might of teached her when she was younger but now she is 15 years old now. I like doing reading and writing in school when it’s morning tea I like to play with my best friend Jordan and Lincoln and also Roman we play touch soccer and even touch rugby with miss vaafusuaga on the school ground when we go back to class we separate from one another so we don’t talk when it’s writing I love doing it because I like writing in class like writing about my weekend like when I went to wellington for example if it’s lunch i have my sandwiches and my apple me Jordan Lincoln and Roman play for our last game touch or soccer after we had our fun we go to the school park and go on the monkey bars spiderweb and rock climbing. If the bell go’s all three of us head to class after giving the ball back to the sport bot monitors then we all three of us go to class and wait in our team lines. After miss Scanlan comes and opens the door me Jordan lincoln and Roman sit next to one another on the mat when it’s home time we say bye to one another and go home and I am saying hi to my future teacher.

Love From Suade_______.

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