Tuesday, 11 June 2019

40 hour famine

Last week on Friday 7th of June we had a 40 hour famine at school. The money that we raised will be given to the people in South Sudan.  We did a 20 hour famine. We did a dance comp and we were split into four groups. All of the boys were in one group and the girls were split into the other three groups.

 We got to have free time to play with balls and hula hoops but nobody played with the hula hoops.  The 40 hour famine is not just about not eating for a day it's about not eating because the people in South Sudan don't eat as much as we have in New Zealand. 

The 40 hour famine is something a few people do at my school.. I love the 40 hour famine is such an amazing thing to be doing this year the 40 hour famine is so amazing it is so cool and I am totally doing next year when I am a year six.

I love the 40 hour famine because I got to play with my buddy's most of the time and we got to sleep over at school. 



  1. Hey Suade, it's Toby.
    I am totally hooked into your piece of writing and how you explained it so detailed. You must have had so much fun at the 40 Hour Famine, it's a pain that I couldn't join you and your friends due to family buisness. I love the way you also are so linked to the topic of helping the poor people in South Sudan. How many hours did you decide to do at the 40 Hour Famine?
    Keep It Up!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hey Suade,
    Great 40 hour famine writing.That was so much fun.Just a question,what was your favorite partv of 40 hour famine?Mine was defitnitly playing with those sports balls!