Friday, 21 February 2020

top of the sky

On a lovely Friday afternoon me and my ninja squad were training for an invasion if something like that would happen while we were training our sensei told us that he could hear a rumbling sound at first my squad couldn ’t hear it but once we heard the sound we asked the sensei ‘’sensei what do we do’’ as I said that as calm as I could be. The sensei said ‘’ we need to head outside and see what’s going on’’

so what we did was all leave the building. And as we were leaving we saw a giant shuriken tower I said to one of my members ‘’ok how did that get there?’’ the sensei replied ‘’the tower is still rising’’ we jumped into the tower because it was starting to fly into the storm and lighting sky.

me my crew and sensei were like we need to get to the top of this shuriken tower and see who or what is causing this at our Aikidou.

Once we reached the top of the tall and rising shuriken tower the doors opened so me and my crew jumped out and protected our sensei and sensei said ‘’it is alright men it’s fine’’ and one of my crew members said’’ we are on a floating island of course we are not fine’’ and then I replied ‘’hey you listen to sensei no matter what’’.

We traveled high and low to see who or what was causing this. We were about to leave but then just as the sensei was about to get in the elevator I heard a faint jumping noise and said ‘’get ready for fight because we are about to get one served straight in the face’’.

We all heard the faint jumping noise in the background. The jumping noise turned out to be a ninja shuriken master and those things have never been seen in thousands of years and nobody has caught it on camera.

So the sensei replied ‘’ok men fall back and seek cover we need to get out of here’’ I replied ‘’no this is what 

you trained us four we can handle it.... CREW ATTACK!!!!’’ we all charged towards the ninja shuriken master and as we charged the master blasted half my crew and they said ‘’we are ok’’ the sensei rushed towards the two downed crew members as me and my other crew member were blasting and punching our hardest to even make the master trip. Both me and my member were both getting tired so then the sensei said you are right my son this is what I trained you for. Then he hit the ninja shuriken master with all of his power in his body to stun and knock out the ninja shuriken master.

The blast was so powerful it ended up knocking both of them out cold. I yelled ‘’SENSEI’’ me and my members all through that we could take him to the hospital in our Aikidou if we get him there our doctors might have things to heal him.

We took our sensei back down to the Akidiou and traveled through the dojo and past the hall and into the hospital we said to the nurse ‘’can you help the sensei he was hit pretty badly’’ the nurse replied ‘’we can try but he won’t be able to fight he will only be able to teach you’’ we then said ‘’that’s fine he has been fighting for enough years now’’.

Me and my squad trained while the sensei was getting help one of my members were playing video games while the other three were training waiting for the nurse to tell us something.while we were training the member playing video games said ‘’hey if senseis in the hospital who’s going to train us for now?’’ I replied ‘’I'll train us I’ve been with sensei for the longest so I have the most experience I'll train us’’. My member training with me said ‘’yeah I like that ok what do we do… sensei’’. Meanwhile sensei was getting the best doctors to help him and get him back in action.

Once it was night time one of my members could hear something of someone sneaking around the Aikidou. At first I said that he was just hearing things but after a while I heard it too so I woke up the members and we followed the sound in our ninja suits. TO BE CONTINUED….

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