Thursday, 14 February 2019

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time three tenaggers named justin jason and brandon they got stranded on a deserted island by crashing there boat on the island. Justin said ‘’where are we’’? Brandon responded ‘’I think where on a island’’ justin said ‘’well the three things we have are two cans of spaghetti a chilli bin and a strong rope. Jason responded ‘’we better get working together if we want to get off this island’’. Justin also said ‘’your right jason we should get working together. But Brandon doesn't like working together’’. Jason responded ‘’this island looks in good shape we could cut the trees and build a little hut to survive the night’’. Justin also said ‘’how are we going to cut the trees with a chilli bin and a rope and also the spaghetti’’. Jason responded ‘’well we can tie the rope to the chilli bin and use it like a hammer to cut the trees’’ Justin said ‘’wow that’s a good idea Jason’’ so they both worked together to get wood to fix there boat Brandon just sat there until the boat was fixed by Justin and Jason Brandon said ‘’you guys did a good job building the boat well I guess I have to say this i'm sorry I should of helped to build it now we gotta get out of here’’ so they all sailed off and lived happily ever after.

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